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Theater, Film und Fernsehen in der Blauen Eule / Band 8

John-Paul Trutnau

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis And Its Influence On The American Science Fiction Film
Blade Runner, Terminator I + II

Essen 2005, 90 Seiten, zahlr. Abb., 14,00 EUR[D], ISBN 978-3-89924-134-7

About this Book: This book is a comprehensive intertextual analysis of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, with insight into the aesthetic and social implications of the robot figure for Modern Amercian Science Fiction Films. Deconstructing the artificial creature not only sheds light on the visual poetics of Blade Runner, Terminator I & II, but also illustrates the ethical trends of science in 1980s America, which are just as visible and controversial today as they were then, in terms of the dehuminisation of society.
A must-have for fans of Metropolis and readers interested in early 20th Century silent film, 1980s Science Fiction and popular culture.

John-Paul Trutnau was born in Germany, and educated in Germany, England and Canada. He holds a degree in Art History, Radio & TV Arts as well as a degree and post-graduate degree in American Culture & Communications. His interests range from practical filmmaking to film theory, media studies and cultural studies. Look out for his forthcoming monograph, “A One-Man Show?“ – The Construction and Deconstruction of a Patriarchal Image in the Reagan Era: Reading the Audio-Visual Poetics of Miami Vice.

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