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Gregor Schrettle

Our Own Private Exodus 
Gwen Shamblin’s Dieting Religion and America’s Puritan Legacy

Essen 2006, 212 Seiten,
29,00 EUR[D], ISBN 978-3-89924-158-7

This book analyzes the writings of evangelical weight-loss author Gwen Shamblin from a cultural studies perspective and inquires into the underlying meanings and significance of the American imperative to be thin.
In her writings, Gwen Shamblin—one of the key figures of the Christian dieting movement in America—argues that overweight is indicative of a spiritual void that should be filled with God rather than food. The key questions addressed in this study are how Shamblin's success relates to US culture and religion in general, and whether her discourse, bizarre though it may occasionally seem, can be considered a typical expression of the way America understands itself.

Gregor Schrettle was born in Graz. He studied English, theology, philosophy and music in Graz, Montclair, NJ, Boston, Munich and Dortmund. He lives in Kirchdorf/Krems, Upper Austria.

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